CÔNG TY TNHH QUỐC TẾ TICOM Phiên bản Odoo 10.0

Thông tin về CÔNG TY TNHH QUỐC TẾ TICOM instance of Odoo, the ERP Mã nguồn mở.

Cài ứng dụng

Website Cart Settings
This module provides additional features to your cart settings (like delete button, subtotal, minimum order, etc).
Mobikul: Mobile App Builder
This module allows you to convert your shop sales very easily with a native mobile application.
Product Pack
Combine two or more products together in order to create a bundle product.
Website Product Stock
Display Product stock on website product page.
Leads, Opportunities, Activities
Inventory Management
Inventory, Logistics, Warehousing
Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoicing
Discussions, Mailing Lists, News
Send Invoices and Track Payments
Accounting and Finance
Financial and Analytic Accounting
Website Builder
Build Your Enterprise Website
Sell Your Products Online
Purchase Management
Purchase Orders, Receipts, Vendor Bills
Warehouse Barcode
Barcode module works like Odoo 10 enterprise version.
Create your custom dashboard
TO Accounting Business Intelligence
Dynamic accounting analysis
Website prettyPhoto
Website prettyPhoto
Website video in product
Website, add show video in product, easy put video in website product
Website Webkul Addons
Manage Webkul Website Addons
Mass Mailing Campaigns
Design, send and track emails
Personal & Shared Calendar
News, Blogs, Announces, Discussions